[FASHION] Crocs + Fashion = ?

Fashionable Crocs…?


I’m not a big fan of Crocs. I personally think they’re pretty ugly and I’m also quite sure most people feel the same way (although I have to admit they’re actually very comfortable). I was more than shocked to see these shoes on the 17S/S Christopher Kane runway during London Fashion Week.


So here are the classic Crocs we all know of.


Full of holes, clunky, perfect for a trip to the lake, and not the pair of typical shoes one would wear for a day out with friends.

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And here are some of the looks, finished off with Crocs (full collection can be found  at goo.gl/av0P6G).


The fashion industry is in a stage of rapid transformation – the “see-now-buy-now” trend was one of the largest changes this season. It was interesting to see Christopher Kane going for the unexpected, using shoes that are generally known to be distant from being “fashionable”, “edgy”, “chic”, or “cool”.


Fortunately the Crocs didn’t seem to ruin the looks, mostly because they were in subtle, earthy tones and barely noticeable. The marble print and stone Jibbitz (the decorations you stick in the little holes of your Crocs) blended well with the collection.

Does this collaboration with Christopher Kane make Crocs less ugly and more edgy? Although I respect Christopher Kane for challenging our thoughts on Crocs and fashion in general, I think not. Being ugly, clunky, and awkward takes a great part of the brand image – too great to be completely forgotten and changed. Who knows, Crocs may become one of the most fashionable shoes in the future. But for now, I think I’ll just stick to wearing them for short trips to the grocery store, or for when I’m in desperate need of just simply comfortable and light shoes.

Photos: Courtesy of Crocs, Indigital Media


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