[YEKANNY Diaries] Sunday Afternoon at the Billy Angel Cake Company

My last Sunday of March was mostly about eating cake and almost freezing to death(so basically nothing productive really)…

Billy Angel at Daehakro(located near Hyehwa Station, line 4)

My day began with sleeping in like any other Sunday, and taking a short walk out to Daehakro which is a five-minute walk from where I live. We stopped by the Billy Angel Cake Company which was mostly covered in white.

Decisions, decisions…
Iced Mango Tea Latte, Hot Jasmine Tea Latte, and a piece of the Honey Crunch cake
No stress, just relax 🙂
Started getting really cold once we left the cafe…
So yes it was hard to feel my legs 🙂

Outfit details

Dress / FLYMODEL (flymodel.co.kr)

Outer / Zara

Shoes / Gucci (Chinese New Year Ace low-top sneaker)

Bag / Mulberry


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